My path to a career in Real Estate in Northern California has been anything but direct. Like most people, I have had my fair share of twists and turns, and ups and downs along the way. I spent the first part of my life in Santa Barbara, then my family moved to Sonoma county when I was in Junior High. I grew up in a very tight knit household, and we are all still very close. My father worked for GTE for a long time, then started a Mac Tools business when we moved to Sonoma.  My mother spent many years as an accountant for several companies.

I bring up my parents in this story letter for two reasons. First, they were always extraordinarily supportive. As a kid, I was very involved in gymnastics, competing at very high levels at the local and state level for school and club sports. My parents were always there for me the entire time. They attended nearly every practice and competition, always rooting me on with smiles and cheers. Secondly, I wanted to mention my parents because they set such fantastic examples for me professionally. They are two of the hardest working people that I have ever known, and they always went above and beyond to treat their customers with the ultimate in service. They also had entrepreneurial spirits that allowed them to find success on their own. These examples are the foundation of who I am as a person and a professional.

Even though my parents were great role models and extremely supportive, when I graduated high school I decided to venture out on my own, so I headed to college.  My original career goals were not focused on real estate, instead I chose a direction at the total opposite end of the professional spectrum. Because of my involvement in athletics growing up, I decided that I wanted to become a Physical Therapist, and to pursue that path, I enrolled in Sonoma State for two years, then transferred to Sacramento State, where I finished up my degree. I remained laser focused on pursuing a career supporting athletics and fitness all through college until the summer before my senior year, when the national requirements for Physical Therapists were changed by the national accrediting agencies. Originally, I only needed a bachelor’s degree, but the prerequisites were changed to a Master’s, which totally threw off my plan and timeline.